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There’s a little something for all budget and style, so go onward and begin designing your dream home.

Good for You, Great for the house, Best for the planet

Shop home decor consciously made with earth-kind materials for a healthier home.

When it comes to finding stylish, sophisticated room décor, a few products tend to crop up!

If you’re searching for aesthetics+storage for your home then take a peek into Kathaakaar’s Storage Collections

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If you’re a lover of home decor, you’re likely to get the itch to redecorate every now and again. It happens to the best of us, but sometimes we don’t have the time to physically shop around for home decor, right?

Our Most Sustainable Collection

Take a sneak peek into how your product is helping mother earth and its creations.

Genuine Alchemy- just for you

Handcrafted in a fair trade factory in India, our Alchemy collection uses upcycled skills and materials for our new products.

The enchantment of the variety of plates

Get spellbound with the vibrant hues of the varieties of plates that evoke emotion and wonder.

Products that will make your guest go BANANAS

It is time for showcasing the best of your home decor products when there are guests around. Kathaakaar’s aesthetically pleasing and sustainable products will turn any “normal” party into a bash.